Jin Akiyama © Mattew
Tokai University




In 1885, the Russian crystallographer Evgraf Stepanovich Fedorov was studying the molecular structure of crystals, when he discovered that there are only five families of polyhedra able to pave space, using translations only.

In 2012, the Japanese mathematician Jin Akiyama demonstrated that it was possible to produce an element of each of these five families by assembling Pentadra! A Pentadron is not divisible by identical polyhedra: it is a mathematical atom.




Build a cube using 12 Pentadron.




The Matatom is an assembly puzzle using 12 magnetics Pentadron.

Challenge the Matatom at the 14th Salon de la Culture and Math Games, in front of the Museum of Science and Industry, from May 30th to June 2nd!

You will manipulate pentadrons and try to create parts of Fedorov polyhedra.







Do it yourself! To build your own puzzle, order a set of 3D-printed Pentadron from Shapeways and the 48 magnets on SuperMagnete, the follow the assembling guide all in pictures!